Friday, August 29, 2008


Your old fart is a bit of a romantic. TED'S GANG was the reason for many memories. Not just for me you understand. If the link is crap, try this;
So what; simple lyrics, simple melody, simple people getting off, AUSSIE BLOKES AND SHEILAS loved him. Regards john f.
PS; If all else fails, GOOGLE; (julia ted mulry), play the song, then download from BIGPOND MUSIC.

Sunday, August 17, 2008



Just about every day, rain hail or sunshine, I go to see some old friends of mine.
Down along the rocky boardwalk, the place to meet and greet.
Take my camera and me thoughts, pull up a rock and make a seat.

Just of late, guess a couple of months or so.
I made some new friends, will never know their names but for me that will be no woe.
A mother and her baby, they have come to join the Village, always with a happy smile.
Please forgive indulgence; I am besotted by their presence, so come with me awhile.

Sometimes she brings her family, daddy of the tacker, brothers and sister’s aunties in attention.
All along the boardwalk they will swim and frolic, little one centre of their affection.
But mostly it’s just the mummy present; the baby will swim up the Brunswick reach.
Jump and surf the little waves just off the Torakina Beach.

Upon reflection, there’s one imperfection with our lovely mummy dear.
Her dorsal fin, will give her in, but it lends to mummies beauty, so let me make this clear.
I will make this point beholden it’s the way to give some acceptance here.
When you visit the little Village, you see our latest visitors, the ones I hold so near.

Watching the ladies marathon, Olympics Beijing, not far from the great birds nest arena.
Seeking for inspiration, my mind is with this awesome lady, mother of baby will be Constantina.
Our little baby Dolphin will be Raphael.
Hope it’s not a girl, OK call it Rachael.

Sorry Grant, buddy what can I say, want to be the daddy of our little baby dolphin.
Come to Brunswick Heads, see your baby, if you want go frolickin’.
I started with Dolphins, Mummy and her Bub, ending now with their progeny, we humans lower class.
The most gorgeous of people, Mummy Dolphin and her Baby, from them we get our past.

Come down to the rocky boardwalk, see mummy and her bub, you will have a mind release.
Come by yourself, slid into mystic thoughts, be supernatural, and let your mind be in peace.
Dolphins, baby, life, from the sea deep within, wipe the inner strife.
We are them, they are us, think you mongrels’, do not take there precious life.

© john d Farley, 2008, and you lovely Dolphins.

Flipper Note; me mate loves Dolphins, I love Dolphins, they are the inspiration of transcendental thought.

Friday, August 15, 2008


The pic is regretably poor quality. However, this little family will venture inside the river mouth at BRUNSWICK HEADS almost daily. The 'little tacker' will go upstream and frolic near TORAKINA BEACH, Mum will keep a close view from down stream.

They are part of the; ROCKY BOARDWALK SOUTH POEM, go on GOOGLE it. Regards john f. and his "Bushy" poems.

Thursday, August 7, 2008



I have mentioned the ‘night carter’s hat syndrome’, the downing of tools, the “fair weather sailors”, that was our principles. So why had we decided to venture out fishing on a crappy late afternoon?

The weather was coming away, rain was forecast, and however, no strong wind warning had been issued. The Prawn Trawlers were making their departure for a night of “reaping the bounty”, we decided to go fishing. We anchored in 13 fathoms on the NEW BRIGHTON REEF, a few showers passed, but we had our trusty rain coats, more importantly the fish were biting.

WE listened to the banter on the CB radio led by “HAVE A CHAT”, none other than PATIE WALSH. We heard some good jokes that night, mainly from Pattie. We heard the worst news possible, courtesy of Pattie Walsh, you bastard. the saga go's on.