Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have tried whales, snakes, lots of stuff. Even some of my crappy poems. You may think the world revolves around my ego, not right. I think about football, cricket, the opposite sex, an occasional wine and taking photos of BRUNSWICK HEADS NSW. I buy the paper to wrap my kitchen refuse in.

I watch the TV, mainly for the programs, that's when I go for a pee, (so I dont miss the commercials). Frequently I sit in front of my PC and hit my websites and gloat about my full and fruitfull life. Looking at trees reminds me of the heat generated from a fire, you know like, what animal can I BBQ now?

I laught at my own jokes, even when there are no audience, (and no idea wot there about), Every time I look at a Thesaurus I think about my piles. I shave once a week, mainly to relieve the itch of not taking a shower. "To much washing weakens you". (LOve that story, you know; "life gets tedious dont it".

Well I am changing all of that, I am having a resurgence, my highly acclaimed and well accepted poems will be found at;

Look for something like 'BUSH POETRY'. Ignore any referances to a naughty page.

I have understood my mind set, read my pissy attempts at rhymming slangy poetry and you understand, yes, it's all about me, "IT'S ALL FOR ME", LOVE YA JOHN F.