Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Get ready for never seen before action from that rubber duckie.

See the "DUCKIE CAM" ACTION FROM WITHIN THAT BOAT. Will give all the credits, be watching.
For a riviting interlude of a 'blokey' person, have a look at,

Yep that's me, an ordinary person of the world, full of it, ideosyncratic, propinquity driven, like I said, full of it.

BUT, when you have seen my rambelings, I bet you have been there, done that, or something similer. Many people are like me, a grain of sand on a big beach. But we do our best to survive.

QUOTE: "take your persona lightly, your God is my God's brother". You can quote me on that.

GOOGLE, "dunney and the choko vine".

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"River mouth crossings, the best of".

A series of video sequences showing boats crossing the infamous BRUNSWICK HEADS RIVER MOUTH.

"Boaties" wear your life jackets, they are actually mandatory when crossing any river mouth. Like, they are called PFD's. They will save your life and importantly your friends life.

Never take on the crossing on a 'runout' tide, inform the BRUNSWICK MARINE TOWER of your intentions, give your ETR and where you heading for......... and People On Board before leaving. good fishing and a safe return.

Dont end up like this.  


Please forgive any indications of glibness, however, you will need to read; FROM THE CITY TO THE BUSH, PARTS ONE TWO AND THREE to get the g...