Thursday, November 29, 2007


Been putting some pressure on a boy who sailed on the JOHAN VAN OLDENBARNEVELDT, he is Dutch and can't play bowls. John grew up in war ravaged Holland, his life has been like mine, simple and down to earth. If he gets motivated I will include his history blog to my site, he is my brother in-law, married to Rowena, see (, SHIRLEY AND BOYS.
They moved north to the Byron Shire not long after me, bought a small property and raised their family, the highlights? CRICKET on Xmas Day, or any time really.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


DON'T TELL ANYBODY!, it's our secret. Have you been to paradise on earth, yes? Everybody has a "MOON BAY", a special place only you know? The traditional owners of my country have a dreamtime. Every kid has been there, but there is a special feeling only owners of the country know and worship.
I recon that I have been there, maybe I have been granted only a glimpse of the dreamtime, but what was felt, more than witnessed, astounded this simple person. Why does a place drive you back, why do you have to bring you family to this magical location. There is not much special about a small beach in the scenery sense, there are many many beaches with the same intrinsic beauty. Moon Bay is mystical, meet me at the Tathra Pub tomorrow and lets go to "my secret place", no words to be uttered, forget the mortgage just bring an open mind, we will walk out onto a beach, if you don't feel the dreamtime, then I have failed the dark people standing on the other end of the beach.


Anybody out there know the transition? The times betwixt. Not much of a story because really, its happened to millions of us, so we are a special breed, wrong? Bloody right, we are special people, we are ordinary people. We make up the majority of the World population.
Well alright we weren't all 'tar boys' and the rest of my introduction, but we were all school boys or girls. If you went to; Suva Primary, Bangladeshi Primary, were able to have any school at all, you had your aspirations, you had to supplement your family's' income somehow.
Like yours, my family were working class, we struggle to support each other, we all had our 'little' jobs and progressed to being a milkman, a factory worker, office worker. The lucky guys and girls will become political leaders, most will forget their past, always remind them at the next election in your country. Australia has.
Want to follow my narrative? (, want to email me, (, your welcome, heaps of photos for free, and a simple story will take you away to dream time. And by the way, Woolloomooloo Paperboy still lives, and the LOO is a good place, the 'Tar boy' did live, and the Avalon Milkman rules. Join me and relate, who ever you may be you were all young.

Monday, November 26, 2007

OK, lets try again.

The agenda is, and am I being naive?; EGO is the word, to all you web geeks out there, real people LIVE, regrettably for some, the drive in life is to punch in 60 wpm and come up with crap, The electronic war will not diminish yarns and narratives from real time, get out and have a life. My story, yes MY story, me me, I I has no bearing on the anything much.
Johnfarls AKA, JOHN DENIS FARLEY commenced his web page as a self indulgent recantation of a boy growing up in the BUSH / CITY, originally, the idea was to give people access to a whole lot of crappy snaps to anybody who wants them. As we plunge onto life it seemed to me a story or two may break up your dismay with world matters. Incidently, this writer could send and receive 30 wpm in Morse code, big deal OK?
(, as described in a previous post, has the potentially to change society as we know it, (you wanker). I will stand by my opening comments, take my life on "face value", relate to LIFE IN THE BUSH, relate to LIFE IN THE CITY, especially SHIRLEY AND THE BOYS If you can't then I have succeeded in giving you guys AND GIRLS some experiences from an ordinary bloke, and there are as many ordinary sheilas with the same story, geeks, take your hand off it. Time for the ordinary citizen, you bet!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well he wasn't my dog really, we adopted each other. In 1962 I bought a milk run in Avalon NSW good old Aus., we had to deliver our milk from midnight onwards and finish our householders at 7:30am. Deliver to our shops and off the road at 9am.
It was in the first couple of days that a black and brown cattle dog joined me for my duties, he appeared out of the night frantically waving his tail, he wanted anonymity so we agreed that his alias would be "Pancho". For close on 2 years 'me dog' kept close watch on proceedings, he would be waiting to 'help' out at commencement and would sign off at completion. We had many great times together Pancho and me, he made friends, well he tried, with all the cats on the milk run and several people as well. We would stop for a short break and share a sandwich and a bowl of milk, then away into the night we go. Is this a BLOG? not sure really.
"Whats that", oh OK, Pancho said "don't bore all these people, tell them about our website and they can get the full story". All right try (, scroll to AVALON JOBS and see our time together, good on ya dog.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WOOLLOOMOOLOO BOY from the bush.

God knows what I'm doing, but I am having so much fun. I really have an agenda, its called (, a web site devoted to an Australian ordinary bloke.
Not the ordinary bloke just a poor country cousin.
As an explanation, the site commenced as a means of getting 'out there' hundreds of photographs, a collection of images collected by the very amateur snapper. My young friend, ( suggested creating a web site, he also suggested giving the crappy snaps to you guys and girls, what am I going to do with them?
OK, this person also said, you are of senior age you must have some narratives, in fact I do.
When I seriously cogitated maybe there are some stories of interest, and johnfarls commenced. There are tales about schools, sheep stations, (BUNDAMAR, BOONOKE NORTH), commencing work, my life as an AVALON MILKMAN, the years as a Volunteer, Avalon Surf Club, VRA, the S.E.S. My wife an family. My life in WOOLLOOMOOLOO, a PAPERBOY, member of WOOLLOOMOOLOO POLICE BOYS CLUB and many just ordinary yarns, like VOLLEYS and the MILK RUN.


Please forgive any indications of glibness, however, you will need to read; FROM THE CITY TO THE BUSH, PARTS ONE TWO AND THREE to get the g...