Monday, November 26, 2007

OK, lets try again.

The agenda is, and am I being naive?; EGO is the word, to all you web geeks out there, real people LIVE, regrettably for some, the drive in life is to punch in 60 wpm and come up with crap, The electronic war will not diminish yarns and narratives from real time, get out and have a life. My story, yes MY story, me me, I I has no bearing on the anything much.
Johnfarls AKA, JOHN DENIS FARLEY commenced his web page as a self indulgent recantation of a boy growing up in the BUSH / CITY, originally, the idea was to give people access to a whole lot of crappy snaps to anybody who wants them. As we plunge onto life it seemed to me a story or two may break up your dismay with world matters. Incidently, this writer could send and receive 30 wpm in Morse code, big deal OK?
(, as described in a previous post, has the potentially to change society as we know it, (you wanker). I will stand by my opening comments, take my life on "face value", relate to LIFE IN THE BUSH, relate to LIFE IN THE CITY, especially SHIRLEY AND THE BOYS If you can't then I have succeeded in giving you guys AND GIRLS some experiences from an ordinary bloke, and there are as many ordinary sheilas with the same story, geeks, take your hand off it. Time for the ordinary citizen, you bet!

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