Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well he wasn't my dog really, we adopted each other. In 1962 I bought a milk run in Avalon NSW good old Aus., we had to deliver our milk from midnight onwards and finish our householders at 7:30am. Deliver to our shops and off the road at 9am.
It was in the first couple of days that a black and brown cattle dog joined me for my duties, he appeared out of the night frantically waving his tail, he wanted anonymity so we agreed that his alias would be "Pancho". For close on 2 years 'me dog' kept close watch on proceedings, he would be waiting to 'help' out at commencement and would sign off at completion. We had many great times together Pancho and me, he made friends, well he tried, with all the cats on the milk run and several people as well. We would stop for a short break and share a sandwich and a bowl of milk, then away into the night we go. Is this a BLOG? not sure really.
"Whats that", oh OK, Pancho said "don't bore all these people, tell them about our website and they can get the full story". All right try (, scroll to AVALON JOBS and see our time together, good on ya dog.

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