Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Anybody out there know the transition? The times betwixt. Not much of a story because really, its happened to millions of us, so we are a special breed, wrong? Bloody right, we are special people, we are ordinary people. We make up the majority of the World population.
Well alright we weren't all 'tar boys' and the rest of my introduction, but we were all school boys or girls. If you went to; Suva Primary, Bangladeshi Primary, were able to have any school at all, you had your aspirations, you had to supplement your family's' income somehow.
Like yours, my family were working class, we struggle to support each other, we all had our 'little' jobs and progressed to being a milkman, a factory worker, office worker. The lucky guys and girls will become political leaders, most will forget their past, always remind them at the next election in your country. Australia has.
Want to follow my narrative? (www.johnfarls.com), want to email me, (johnfarls@bigpond.com), your welcome, heaps of photos for free, and a simple story will take you away to dream time. And by the way, Woolloomooloo Paperboy still lives, and the LOO is a good place, the 'Tar boy' did live, and the Avalon Milkman rules. Join me and relate, who ever you may be you were all young.

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