Tuesday, November 27, 2007


DON'T TELL ANYBODY!, it's our secret. Have you been to paradise on earth, yes? Everybody has a "MOON BAY", a special place only you know? The traditional owners of my country have a dreamtime. Every kid has been there, but there is a special feeling only owners of the country know and worship.
I recon that I have been there, maybe I have been granted only a glimpse of the dreamtime, but what was felt, more than witnessed, astounded this simple person. Why does a place drive you back, why do you have to bring you family to this magical location. There is not much special about a small beach in the scenery sense, there are many many beaches with the same intrinsic beauty. Moon Bay is mystical, meet me at the Tathra Pub tomorrow and lets go to "my secret place", no words to be uttered, forget the mortgage just bring an open mind, we will walk out onto a beach, if you don't feel the dreamtime, then I have failed the dark people standing on the other end of the beach.

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