Sunday, March 25, 2012

Been doing my voluntary duties today. Assessing some STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE people. Preparing them for for wot they put their hands up for, like; USAR Cat 1 RESCUE OPERATORS.

Cant believe how many young, (and not so young), ladies have come forward in recent years. Once, fe-males were considered to be the weaker sex. There are lots of very physikal, (check this), duties in the SES. Heavy lifting equipment and rescue tools, hours spent in land search conditions, tragic recoveries, hours away from family. Crappy work chopping up trees, crawing around on busted roofs, hours in floodboats, But; "WHAT A BUZZ".

But still they come forward to stand with the men, they have the ability, they must be given a go.

Although the SES was once known as DAD'S ARMY, it is now known as MUM AND DAD'S and SON AND DAUGHTERS ARMY.

Just like the SURF LIFE SAVING ASSOCIATION, the SES is a unique Australian bunch of people. No money, sometimes not that funny, "but it's where I met my honey", but wonderfull organisations to be a part of. Have a look around your neighbourhood, JOIN UP.


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