Thursday, December 6, 2007


The risk is repeating myself, I have a SUPER BLOG site, the agenda is clear, ME. ( will interest you or bore you, the yarns and the photos are ordinary, and that my friends is the crux of the matter. How many people out there have heard of BUNDAMAR, BOONOKE, WOOLLOOMOOLOO, transpose to anywhere you have lived. You will know MOON BAY near TATHRA, TATHRA WHARF, PLUNKETT STREET PRIMARY. how many milkmen, you been an AVALON MILKMAN? Who cares? Well JOHN D. FARLEY cares, because he is just an ordinary bloke. the sometimes rich narrative will remind you of your young days. Were you always the the new pupil, check out the schools, BEGA PRIMARY, YAMBA PRIMARY, MILTON PRIMARY, BLACKFRIARS CORRESPONDANCE SCHOOL. Did you have a GALAH, sell papers around HARRY'S CAFE DE WHEELS and THE FINGER WHARF at WOOLLOOMOOLOO, did you? Your name eludes me. Were you BUSH WISE, STREET WISE, come from a battling family, yeah I remember you. Send me an email, (, share and compare.

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