Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Booked the ticket, window seat of course. Looking forward to seeing my little family, Zack and the big boys and Belinda with the 'bimp' in her belly.
Tuggerawong here I come, must relate a story about ultrasounds. My eldest boy David and Belinda are expecting their second child any day soon, in fact it seems I may be there for the birth. When the new mum had her first 'sounding', a girl baby was a 99% certainty, the proud parents settled for Lillee Shirley Betty Farley, a sweet name. So out goes the proud mom and buys out all the stores, she comes home laden with pink stuff, (at great cost). Now the waiting game, more check ups and another ultrasound, bugger! Well not exactly, all's well except; a dangling thing has appeared and a change in disposition is needed, Zack was ecstatic, he wanted a baby brother and his wishes will be granted. (The grandfather would haved liked a little girl).
The shop keepers gladly exchanged the girly things for appendage gender gear and we now have a name change, he will known as Kye John Farley. Now there is moral to this yarn; "LILLE HAS A WILLIE, SHIRLEY AIN'T A GIRLIE, SHIRL'S NO GIRL, ISABELLA SHE NO FELLA, and finally KYE HAS A FLY

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