Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Remember me; I was riding my old black bike. I had a backpack and my camera ‘round my neck. You bloke had your sandals off, tip toeing along The ROCKY BOARDWALK SOUTH, Brunswick Heads that is.
I envy you, you had a partner, your wife? Your lover? Was it your sister?
Paid the bills and me rent, booked me ticket on the XPT, remember KAI? Now I go to where everybody goes, some place to reflect, to get some respite, to cogitate. The sea and the rocks give inspiration, but don’t worry not for devious things.
Bugger me, you guys nodded first, you smiled and acknowledged me, that’s the philosophy of the “BOARDWALK”
OH, the vista.
Tide is on the ‘make’, lovely greeny blue ocean water rushing upstream, do you see what I see, the rejuvenation and replenishment, or do you see the “Village” as a place for peace and tranquility and somewhere just to go and observe. A thousands words will be your legacy of this wondrous place. You will return.
What do we observe? Lets get the scene in perspective.
A jutting promontory allows us to venture into the realms of our existence, this simple bloke reckons it’s the closest place we get to / from where we evolved. I love the board walk, I love the people.
But I love God, “your God Is my Gods brother”, “my God is my God”, “if my God is my God and your God is your God, and l love both Gods, how does that work?
The all encompassing analogy of the ‘Boardwalk’ is not fiction, it exists, Brunswick Heads is a real place, my spiritual place and you have your place of worship.
My God has many brothers and sisters, a loose comment? We acknowledge there must have been a mother, right? The context of God is life driven, I am a simple person, my God is what we are given and not a person. Respect your God, the philosophy of the Disciples, my God is Mother Nature, man has overlooked the primary drive of creation.

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