Monday, March 3, 2008


Written in Aussie “Bushy” vernacular, some more poems? (, BOOFHEADS PROSE.


My Story.
A blinding flash, I’ve been taken, I’ve met a man with a camera my inner self is shakin’.
Who is my new love, he said “he’s quite unobtrusive”, he wanted to see me at my best.
I’m only a flower but he said, your beauty is heavenly but elusive.
He captured me at my finest time, I was putting on quite a show, my purple dress took his breath away and his face was all a glow.
I let out all my esters, my fragrance flowed and my scent turned his face crimson.
I’m just a flower when’s all is said but I could see he was so winsome
And then he put me in my place, never forget this my dearest love, you are God given and you’re special you’re my purple dove.
He swore he would never take my early morning bloom; he wants me for my inner self and now I feel no gloom.
He is going to make me famous, put me somewhere nice.
But I’ll bet he’s taken many flowers and will I pay the price.
Even so my petals glow and I really turned petite, you’re the one he said and you’ll join my club elite.
He has some friends in a far away place with whom he’d like to share, but I will never forget his blinding flash it’s him my life will share.
He’s placed me in his life’ I’ll be with him forever, I blush deep purple just to think oh he’s so very clever.
He wants to place me in an album and I will be at the centre, that’s the reason I’m blushing now, I’m going to let him enter.

His story;
My gorgeous little petal with purple blush you’ve smitten, an ordinary bloke before you smiled at me my love, is this how love it is written’.
Nothing in my world can compare with your early morning bloom; peace has entered my ordinary life and lifted off the gloom.
I had to capture your wondrous face please forgive my rude intrusion, your stood out like a beacon light my feelings are confusin’.
You tantalized my senses your perfume was matchless so supreme, I love you my Petal dear you have shattered my very bein’.
Sadness strikes now, but I will always see your face, your beauty may fade and die.
I have a special picture all my days will have, we had a lovely interlude, a love story you and I.
With your permission can I introduce you too some very special friends, GO smelltheflowers wants to meet you, they live in a far away place.
Petal, they want to meet you, greet you. Will you share with them your face?
Remember this my little bloom they offer you no harm, ‘cause they love flowers without equal, so unique.
I adore you now beyond compare, see you soon little purple bloom until next time that we speak.
John Farley, AKA johnfarlsbrunz 2008.

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GO! Smell the flowers said...

Wow John, Many thanks for this and we are truly touched by this post!

Hi from all at GO! Smell the flowers in Dubai and the rest of the world.....

You're welcome in the garden anytime!