Monday, January 21, 2008


In AUSSIE LAND our mother nature sometimes gives us a bad time.

In other countries she seems to deal the cards much worse. For all of you suffering from natural disaster us AUSSIE people say chin up, the memories will never pass, the loss of family and possessions seem daunting, endless.

Sometimes you seem all alone with no way of immediate relief, mostly it will come. WE all ask, "why so long?".

On the local scene, central QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA, to be precise, OUR PEOPLE HAVE HAD A BAD TIME OF IT. They will largely have their families safe, their possessions shagged and their future uncertain. The re-building will come, and, slowly life will get back to normal.
My heart felt sympathy is with all you BANANA BENDERS, yer can't play football, so why do we feel any emotions for you?.

Because we are Australians that's why, and we feel the pain.

For a bloke from NSW, its only an imaginary line, just like the boundaries of the world.
To all you guys and girls from central QUEENSLAND, ENDURE THE CRAPPY times, life will get back to normal. Northern NSW had a bugger of a time, we understand your dilemma. That will not make it any better.

Hey blokes, hey sheilas if we could be there to lend a hand, you know we would. Don't have too many XXXX, YUK!

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