Friday, January 18, 2008


MOON BAY IS STUCK IN MY MIND, you know Moon Bay, everybody has been there, that’s our special place, remember? Come on boys and girls, drop off the crappy life, go back a step and enjoy some times so good.

Where’s your place?

May I take you to my special place. Please? Yes?.

Just like yours my Moon Bay exists, let’s go there, I have to include you because you are my special friends; So lets go and have a special time.

Remember that the people there can only be seen by us, what you see will be our very special secret.

That road is dusty and full of potholes, sorry guys, just handle it. OH yeah here’s the turn off, preety ain’t it, won’t take long now and your patience will be rewarded, but wait, I must explain some ground rules; please don’t speak, don’t act like tourists and respect the locals.

You are now walking through coastal forests, you may know the names of the plants and trees, you may know the animals, like, what’s that black and brown bounding thing. What a great sight of birds, all black with red under their wings, huge beaks. As you descend down the trail somebody wants a pee, all off you give reflection.

What a place of reflection, so quite, so tranquil, a movement in the bush! You saw the dark people, you did didn’t you, I know you did, I know I did, thanks NGARIGO BLOKES, you have given a small part of the DREAMTIME, the special time, maybe you will see a little more. You feel and sense the ocean, the sound of small waves breaking close by, the opening to a small beach appears.

The apparition, my God, how’s this; It’s serene its placid its so special.
You are in a place, my special place, your special place. The beach is of golden sand, the ancient rock headlands encompasses and protect us. The brown and red of the rocks are met by the blue of the ocean, sea birds wheel. Have a look at the black man fishing to our right, he is aiming his spear at something in the water, he is standing on one leg. On the beach are some other black people, some women and blokes and some babies.

See how they seem to have a misty appearance, there here but seem somehow removed, I felt that. You want to hold them but we’re too late.

Please be quite and respectful, the black man turns and acknowledges our presence by a nod, don’t wave, have a special moment, you have been in the Dreamtime. MOON BAY exists, it lives, if you turn around, there I am smiling and waving.

Don’t call out, let our special people have their land, their special place. We can come back, but only you and me.

NGARIGO BLOKES, if I have offended, take my visions from my mind, but I swear you let me in.

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