Wednesday, January 2, 2008


No silly, my mum was a preety woman, this narritive comes from about 1954.
Here is a story in real life, come with mum and I to Shaws Bay near BALLINA tomorrow ok?, Say yes.
You and I and mum are walking across the Missingham Bridge carrying our fishing bags and our rods and we quickly arrive at the start of the North Wall, we proceed about 200 yards. You hear me say, "Careful of the rocks, we need to get down to back of the lagoon, what was your name again? oh what a lovely name", mum, "just concentrate you flirt and help her down to the beach". We are down on the beach behind the lagoon and proceed about 100 yards through some small mangroves, mum says " what about here this seems a good spot", we agree. And so the narrative really begins.
We set up our fishing site, you and mum and I bait up with prawns and cast our lines into the eerie lagoon, the rods ends are driven into the sand a waiting game begins. Do you notice the sound of the surf behind us? Not many people around? It's a great fishing spot. We have set our drag and the ratchet and then nature gives me a call. As I head off into the bush the sound of the whirring ratchet indicates a fish has taken the bait, mum was prone to play games "mum leave my rod alone" her reply was "I'm on Johnnie, it has to be a flathead", you and me race to see mum struggling and winding a very bent rod, she plays at what is a very big fish.
Her and fish move up and down the small beach, she wins some, she loses some, she is a fighter my mum and slowly the battle turns in her favor, you get the net and I will give the fisher person a hand, "keep back and get the net ready", at last a very exhausted fish, of absolutely preposterous proportions, is landed. This will be the last of my embellishments, only you and me and mum know, and its is flathead, the truth, a monster of 15 lbs was weighted at the Fish Co-op. Remember how we carried it home, with me as a gauge, the head to the tail almost measured one yard. Bet you had a great time, Clive will fillet the flathead so you can have fish for tea. Excerpts from (, wanna see more? Wanna share and compare, email (

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