Sunday, February 17, 2008

500,000 dollars, want 25%?

My popularity may have dropped off recently, “GRUMPY OLD BLOGGER” etc.
My last post was to take the heat of your guys, INTENTIONAL BRAGGING, SUPPLY OF PERSONAL INFORMATION, drawing the attention away from you. But it has brought results, they respect me out there. You know why? Personal details that’s why.
YES I HAVE RAPED THE FRUITS OF MY LABOURS’ You can thank me by giving me, in return, your personal BANKING DETAILS YOU WILL BE ON 25% OF MY WINNINGS. YAHOO, that’s right, Y H BLOODY H O O is my benefactor. All because I was honest.
If you have reached the heights of personal interference, you will go blind. I am an intentional stirrer, but an old bugger just the same. DON’T IT MAKE YOU FEEEEEL GOOD la la la.
PS: When I was a young bloke I would have welcomed a POPUP BLOCKER on the 190 Bus to AVALON, now I turn it down to -15%, I think it’s broke.
PPS: ANYBODY ELSE GET THESE EMAILS, http://www.johnfarls,com

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