Monday, February 11, 2008



Must relate the story of one Peter Fraser, he has risen to high places, however he will always be THE Piano PLAYER TO THIS WRITER, lower case. A very entertaining fellow, quite bright, in fact he was the person who showed us, no taught us how to fit the FLIP FLOP, AKA, THONGS TO OUR FEET. I mean how academic is that.

Peter is the born entertainer and party animal, I can remember many entertaining chronicles’, he taught me tautology as well.

PETER FRASER, piano player, #1.

I first met Peter when he resided at CENTRAL ROAD AVALON, (this will be basis for #2). Aside from other places. Peter moved house out to CAREEL BAY, a property with very sloping properties, another grammar error. The moving of his goods and chattels was a logistic nightmare and required much manpower, who else, HIS MATES from the Surf Club.

As has been intimated a piano enters the equation, this bulky and very heavy piece of his ego has to go where he Goth. Several “MATES” WERE SEQUESTED, and so the epic story begins.

It came on a truck, did ‘it’, complete with several lifesavers, ‘it’ had to negotiate many meters of steep pathways leading up to the house, albeit with several platforms as the path meandered. With the exception of AMOS REMOVELISTS, HAS ANYBODY MOVED A PIANA up a hazardous pathway, OH about 5000 meters.

Peter had a plan, a devious plan, it involved motivation and team participation, it incorporated an entertainment factor. Our man is a born leader. We assemble around, no, surround the steel framed ‘it’, and away we go.

The first section was negotiated to the first platform and a rest was in order. At this point PIANOMAN FRASER produces his PLAN; UP GOES THE LID AND STRAINS OF JAZZ AND OTHER PLACES rent the tranquil surroundings of Careel Bay, the neighbors’ and the AVALON PENSINULA will never relax again.

There were 300 more platforms to go, I must stress this fact, because on every stop the piano lid would be risen and another barrage of songs would erupt from the assembled choir, accompanied by Pete and ‘it’. Historians are noted as saying that not one song was repeated, this is confirmed by the ROOTN BOYS CHOIR, the artists on the day.

It was also reputed that the PITTWATER COAST GUARD received many requests to keep the sound down, although some inquired where could they buy the CD.

Many requests for the "T" shirt were received by Mr. Rudd.

At this point analogy has entered my intellect; Did Peter devise his plan from the exploits of MR. HILLARY, that increditably gifted KIWI Mountaineer, a man whose exploits will never be equaled, Peter did you plagiarize that great mans plan?.
Base camps come to mind, stuff, grammar stuff like final assaults’, is that an adverb?, motivational briefing, provisioning, what a man.

If this is the case, the final assault took place at the base of the stairs of BASE CAMP “one to go”, we thought we had broken the back of the climb. The bloody stairs, bugger me what a final assault. Oxygen, several songs and VB WERE SUPPLIED, we strained every tissue of our being, in one supreme effort we got that barsted to the verandah, CAREEL BAY was at peace, they welcomed the piana MAN. Now can you piss off and, give our little hamlet some peace.

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